Hello, world, and welcome to SpeakOutUSA!

The point of this forum is not to be yet another site where anonymous people feel empowered to attack people with different opinions.

Rather, it’s a place where we’re inviting people of all backgrounds, all opinions, to state an intellectual point, defend it and comment on other’s points that you may not agree with, with dignity.

That’s why we’ll take a look at all comments before approving them. If you play by the rules, you get published. If not, well, it’s our site, so it’s not censorship if we decide that we’re going to rise above what other sites allow.

As a people, we gain nothing by attacking one another–any idiot can do that.

If you feel strongly about something, articulate why. Feel free to defend it. But once you attack someone else personally for their feelings and beliefs, we’ll wish you a very nice “goodbye”.