Trumpty-Dumpty sat on a wall…

If there was ever a more polarizing president, I don’t know who it is.

While I understand (to a point) why people like myself voted for Donald Trump, I don’t understand why even his hardcore supporters aren’t fed up with the lack of accomplishments at this point. Some of my friends are a part of the latter group, and while they enjoy his childish antics of attacking the press, Republicans, Democrats, war hero’s, healthcare, former president’s, James Comey, Bill Mueller and thousands more, they still can’t cite one accomplishment that he himself is responsible for.

Nominating someone for Supreme Court Justice who was elevated as a result of a rules change in the Senate doesn’t count. He didn’t have enough political capital to get a majority as the rules were written.

I didn’t vote for someone to be the

entertainer-in-chief. I voted for someone to “clean the swamp”, but who insists on filling it with his own swamp-like creatures. Trump has shown himself to be ineffective, hot-tempered, thin-skinned, and focused on issues not worthy of a president (see his Tweets if you are unfamiliar with his attacking Hollywood, defending the Ku Klux Klan/White Supremacists, etc.), a person who has no ability to apologize for anything, since, presumably, he does no wrong.

It’s everyone else.

This experiment needs to end. If he doesn’t, or won’t, resign, he should be impeached. How does one “make America great again” while at the same time making us the laughingstock of the world? Those “Make America Great Again” hats are more relevant now, post-inauguration, than they were in the lead up to last years election.

This country deserves someone, man or woman, not a child, who cares about building bridges, not burning them, who can quickly right this ship. As much as I could never bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton, I know that even she would not have torn this country apart to the degree that Trump has done.

To all Republican members of Congress who care about their seats more than their duty, you too should resign. To the rest of you, please do the right thing, and rid this country of this daily nightmare.

Resign or be impeached, Mr. President, the choice is yours.